Monday, December 22, 2014


Objective: Have Sam run a gel using PCR product created from Sea Pen cDNA
Gel run by sam

Final samples collected
1 daylight sample for 4 of the sea pens
1 dark sample for 4 of the pens

Final samples animals were euthanized by putting them into the -80C

"Unfortunately, your PCR didn't work, so there wasn't anything to cut out and purify. The issue this time is different than what you had before. In this instance, no distinct band was produced. For some reason, your sample is just a smear. The ladder run on the gel is the O'GeneRuler 100bp Ladder.
Looking at the size of the smear, and the fact that you have just a smear and no distinct band(s), suggests that what you have on the gel is RNA or straight cDNA. However, it's a LOT of RNA/cDNA (based on the intensity of the fluorescence)."

Inline image 2
Inline image 2

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