Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Peristaltic pump began leaking and flooding aquarium room today after some investigation I found the hose being used for the pump was breaking down. I replaced the hose but the next day it wound up in the rotar and destroyed the hose. After talking with Jon about possible solutions I made changes to the pump by adding more rotars to help hold everything in place and added wing nuts to secure everything. Regular rotation of the tubing will also help to reduce breakdown of the tubing (note: ask greg about ordering some peristaltic tubing to reduce issues.

Redesigned the feeding schedule to match tide fluctuations. Currently setup to feed for 3 hours at 6am which mirrors the sea pens normal feeding regiment better than 6 times a day for an hour. it is likely the pens were not getting enough access to the artemia.

I would like to look into the feeding habits of the sea pen and sea if I can get data to support the sea pens using luminescnece to attract artemia.

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