Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Concluding remarks on my Capstone and a link to the final paper.

Objective: A final update on the research

Results: With the success of the qPCR I was able to complete my paper. The qPCR showed amplification of my sequence validating that my sequence is viable for P. gurneyi molecular work, the daytime samples show low amplification during the day and out of the 4 nighttime samples 2 of them showed much higher amplification in comparison to the daytime samples. Due to the small sample size nothing definitive can be concluded about my sequences amplification at night further research is necessary and verification that the sequence is indeed related to Luciferase. Further reaserch may be able to support the hypothesis that amplification of the Luciferase enzyme is higher at night than during the day. This concludes my research for now on the orange sea pen (Ptilosarcus gurneyi). a link to the paper is below covering the behavioral study and Luciferase production.


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