Thursday, July 10, 2014


Heard back from Tim Carpenter the curator of fish and invertebrates at the Seattle Aquarium.
  • He recommeded 1.25-1.5 gpm for the flow rate and designing a chaotic flow rate instead of direct flow.
  • Keeping the Pens between 48 to 53 degrees to slow down algal and any other potential problem growths.
  • They feed them Artemia nauplii daily he said anything that would be used to promote coral or planktivorous anemones.
  • Dim lighting
  • 8" for sand bed is what his are kept in
He also confirmed alki pipeline and reef are good locations to find them. Every once in a while they can be found at golden gardens. 
( North of the Alki Fishing Reef if you have a boat or can scooter from Laurelhurst beach, 40-50 ft depth.
At the end of the Alki Pipeline (at 63rd Ave. south of Alki point) – long swim out, about 40 feet depth.
Faye Bainbridge Park, Bainbridge Island – 30-40 feet, easy shore access.
Twin Spits near Port Gamble – easy shore dive. )

Asked if he had any knowledge of the resilience to research since I will need to take samples for the genetic, an protein area of my research. 

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