Monday, July 14, 2014


Attended Lab meeting online had a few technical difficulties but I believe I have them all worked out if I can not make the meeting in the future I can Attend online and be able to interact.

Spoke with Jon about setting up the enclosure this week. We are still waiting to hear back from Greg about being able to use the Aquarium room to house the enclosure. Greg replied and said it would be fine so Jon and I will get everything up and running thursday at 1. He plans to move the Tank early tomorrow and we can hopefully have it up and running by thursday.

Started working on the proposal but I will need to speak with Dr. Roberts about some parts of it . Sent an email to schedule a meeting with him as well as Jake. (update-going to put together questions for Dr. Roberts and include them in an e-mail after meeting with Jake)

Created google Doc "" to make proposal more accessible

Created possible questions for research

1. What is the genetic sequence and proteins responsible for luminescence in P. gurneyi.

2. Does changes in P. gurneyi environment effect its ability to produce light when touched. (not sure on setup yet, but ocean acidification may be best fit since it has a direct effect on levels of Calcium often used in luminescent reactions but still need to verify this.)


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