Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Meeting with Dr. Roberts
Reviewed lab calendar, lab wiki, archiving data, google+, lab meetings, blog posting and signed contract.

Joined Northwest dive club.

Unable to dive with Sonia but got in contact with some of her connections and found optimal dive sites with confirmed sitings of specimens (4 mile barges, fox island west wall, Sunny-side south of pipeline, Les Davis, Whidbey, Bainbridge island as well as alki reef.) Alki reef is supposed to have tons of them but I am not sure about acquiring specimens since Alki is a no take zone. Reviewed and signed lab contract.

requested access to lab wiki, and signed in a created document folder on school hard drive for storing files.

Need to make appointment with Sam White when he returns to go through lab safety and lab tour.

Scheduled Meeting with Jon to go over and plan setup for aquarium, as well as feeding resources for specimens.

Proposal due next Friday, Dr. Roberts will be in Friday Harbor so it needs to put as priority for next week.

Personal notes:
Rottifers may not be a valid food supply, Jon said he had problems with them in the past looking into an alternative may be nessacary refer to 7/7 blog post.

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