Thursday, July 17, 2014


Primer information for coelenterazine

was amplified by PCR with primers containing the sequence encoding NdeI site, a bacterial periplasm localization signal (pelB) and XhoI site at the 5ʹ end and PstI site at the 3ʹ end.


Cnidaria folks and vwlau

 For sea anemones, I pour an isotonic, fresh-water solution of 7 1/2%
Epsom Salts = magnesium sulfate (from the drugstore - that’s the hydrated
form, with 7 chemically associated water molecules, not the chemical reagent
stuff without the associated water) into the container with the relaxed
anemones to make a final solution that is about 1/2 seawater and 1/2 mgSo4
 The tricks I use are to prevent reaction/contraction by the animals
is to cool the solution to the same temperature and aerate it thoroughly,
and to condition the animal to water motion (by putting it near the water
inflow area), first.
 Good luck!

Liz Francis

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